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GIf you go to the market, grocery store or supermarket, try to keep an eye on the vegetables section. Starting from vegetables that are well known to those that are rarely used by many people, you can find them there. Not to mention, the various colors prove how many types of vegetables can be processed and utilized. In this discussion, Budi Utomo, S.Pd as a Nestle contributor, explained the types of vegetables that can be consumed daily based on the part of the plant. Vegetable Bulbs Not only leaves that can be used as vegetables, but other parts such as tubers can also be useful for vegetables. In general, tubers are the enlarged roots or stems of a plant. These types of vegetables include carrots, potatoes, radishes and beets. Fruit Vegetables Vegetables of this type are used from the fruit that is on a plant. Although both are fruit-shaped, in fact this type is often used as a complement to vegetables, so this fruit is finally grouped into vegetables. Examples are eggplant, cucumber, chili, tomato, bitter melon and also chayote. Flower vegetables Not only fruit that is used as a vegetable, the flower of a plant can also be a vegetable. Call it broccoli, cauliflower to banana flowers or also known as ontong. This flower vegetable is quite a favorite used in various menus other than vegetables from fruit and leaves. Leaf vegetables This is the type of vegetables that are included in the menu the most. It can be said that leafy vegetables are the most dominant types found in the market. You can also easily find them, such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, cassava leaves, basil and melinjo leaves. 7dcaf6520dcf86f309505ede872e1fcab46bad73.jpeg Related article Reducing sugar intake, here are the benefits Do you often eat sweets? Does your blood sugar often rise? More Legumes There are also vegetables from the type of legumes togel you can include in your daily delicious menu. Vegetables of this type are also not so difficult to obtain. However, its utilization is not as much as leaf vegetables, flowers and fruit which are easier to mix or even the main menu. Stem vegetables Finally, there are vegetables that are used from plant stems. Although not many people use it, this type of vegetable is quite tasty to serve. Usually, this vegetable is processed by many cooks or chefs in restaurants or even star hotels. Which includes types of stem vegetables, including bamboo shoots and asparagus. Well, already understand about the types of vegetables that can be eaten. Let's not wait long, let's cook right away.